6 hacks to up your Credit Card Game

Have you limited your Credit Card usage to the standard cycle of applying, swiping, and paying? Then you, my dear, are missing out on many credit card benefits. Credwise brings you six simple habits to help you up your credit card game like a pro. Stay updated with all the perks and benefits available to make the most out of your credit cards.


While applying for credit cards:

  1. Wait for the right opportunity:

Do not rush while applying for a credit card. If you want to receive something extra along with just your credit card, we suggest you apply through a trusted third-party website. These websites often partner with banks to provide sign-up gifts and bonuses of up to a few hundred dollars of cash or attractive gadgets.

Otherwise, you can look for offers provided by the banks, as they offer attractive sign-up bonuses for meeting certain requirements. 

  1. Read it thoroughly:

Lengthy terms and conditions in your credit card application may put you to sleep, but they can give you sleepless nights later. T&Cs hold various crucial information, which usually gets overlooked by most applicants. This information includes the caveats for features, which will help you strategize for your perfect spending plan.


While using your credit cards:


  1.  Pay first when eating out with family and friends. 

If your credit card has amazing rewards and cashbacks for lifestyle expenses such as dining in, movies, and travel, then don’t shy away from paying in full for these services. You may ask, why am I paying for everybody else? Don’t worry, you are not! Whenever you dine in with friends, You use your credit card to get the cashback or reward and receive the shared amount over UPI, cash, or bank transfer.


  1. Pay your bills and utilities with your credit card. 

Paying your monthly bills using your credit card is a great way to earn more rewards and points at one time. Often Credit Cards reward you for purchases at gas stations. Using certain apps for groceries and food delivery earns you rewards, hence increasing overall reward points for future deals.


While evaluating:



  1. Keep Optimizing your cards from time to time.


Constant optimization and analysis is the key to a healthy credit score. Looking over your expenses in every category at the end of every month and creating a budget plan for the month to come is advised. Note that a single credit card won’t fulfill your needs across all life stages. Acknowledge your credit needs, Evaluate your card collection, and keep calibrating your credit card spending strategy once in a while.


You may ask, How frequently one needs to optimize his credit needs? The answer has to be, with every major change in life, which includes a change in job, marital status, parental status, change in location, etc. Don’t hesitate to switch to a more suitable card for your new phase of life, that meets your spending habits and financial goals, instead of struggling to change your spending habits.


  1. Utilize the Technology


Numerous applications are available in the market providing various credit-related solutions. Make sure to use them to the fullest for your benefit. Reminders for bill payment reports on your spending habits, recommendations for the best suitable card for you along with other features are available. 

The Credwise app provides you with a unique feature, such as credit sharing with your connections. It lets you add your friends and browse their cards for benefits and offers. With the app, you can find out which card offers the most cash back and find out which connection of yours has the card. What’s more? The Best Card feature lets you browse the best card for you by assessing your spending categories and choice of bank. 


Credit cards are quite beneficial but, they require a little homework now and then, these little steps make the difference in your financial goals. For more such informational articles, Click here


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