Hands-on Experience with SBICard AURUM

Hands-on Experience with SBICard AURUM

SBICard Aurum Credit CardSBICard Aurum

I recently got the SBICard Aurum – the super premium credit card by SBICard and here’s my detailed hands on experience with the card. Note that this is not the review article. If you’re looking for the features and benefits of the card, you should check out the SBICard AURUM Review article.

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Application Process

One fine day, one of the reader was asking whether he should take an upgrade from Elite to AURUM as he could see the upgrade option on net-banking. That’s when I came to know that they started taking applications for Aurum. 

I logged-in to the SBICard net-banking to check if I have the upgrade offer and I saw the AURUM in place of Elite which used to show up earlier.

So I went ahead and upgraded in matter of few clicks without thinking much on benefits as all I wanted was to experience a new credit card – a new plastic with a new design to be precise. 😛

Aurum Upgrade Page

Getting the card

I got the Virtual card details within 3 days of requesting for an upgrade. Physical card took a while though.

I had to call Aurum support multiple times and I finally got the card with a delay of about 3 weeks. It’s likely the initial dispatch issue (which is normal with SBICard new launches) but going forward this shouldn’t be the case.

I was initially said by the AURUM support that I’ll be getting the physical card hand delivered by someone from SBICard team but it came via Blue dart. The parcel was marked critical priority/fragile.

SBICard Aurum - Virtual CardSBICard Aurum – Virtual Card

Note that you may still get the card hand delivered if you’re in select metro cities where SBICard has an AURUM RM to take care of the AURUM cards.

It came in a wooden black box that weighs so much that I couldn’t hold it in one hand. The nice looking AURUM metal card was inside with a lot of booklets that probably added to the box weight.

Unboxing AURUM

Take a quick look at the unboxing pics:

sbicard aurum - packageSBICard Aurum – Package inside the plastic coversbicard aurum - box with coverSBICard Aurum – Box with coverFinance, Investing, and much more!, Checkout our partner blogs.