Reasons To Get An SBI Credit Card

Reasons To Get An SBI Credit Card

SBI Card is a credit card company launched by the SBI Bank, a state-owned bank. From lifestyle needs to shopping needs to travel needs, all are covered by the SBI Card under its credit card categories. Everybody can apply for an SBI Credit Card as the credit card ranges from entry-level credit cards to premium level credit cards. With many credit card issuers, you must have become overwhelmed and must be wondering whether you should go for an SBI credit card or not. In this article, we have covered all the reasons why you should get an SBI Credit Card. Keep reading to kick start your research.

  1. Pocket-friendly credit cards: SBI Card offers one of the most affordable credit cards to the public at large. You do not have to worry about whether you have no credit score or are a low salaried employee, you can definitely find a credit card with the SBI that matches your financial profile as well as your spending habits.
  2. Low-interest rates: Among all the competitors SBI is the one that offers a low-interest rate on its credit cards. Having a low rate of interest can help you save a lot of money and help you from falling into a debt trap.
  3. Welcome benefits: On getting an SBI credit card, the credit card issuer provides you the benefit of welcome offers such as complimentary movie tickets, bonus reward points/cash back, gift vouchers, complimentary membership to the various platform, and so on. You can take the advantage of this sign-up bonus and maximise the benefits of your credit card.
  4. Reward Rate: SBI offers a decent reward rate on its credit cards. Under the rewards program of the SBI credit card, you can earn reward points, cashbacks, Airmiles, travel points, and so on. Just remember to read the rewards program of your credit card to be aware of which transactions let you earn reward points. Some of the credit cards let you earn reward points on every spend category.
  5. Travel Benefits: You also get to enjoy travel benefits on an SBI Credit Card. You get complimentary lounge access, travel insurance, railway lounge access, etc. under the travel benefits of an SBI credit card. These benefits differ from credit card to credit card.
  6. Spend-Based Waiver: You can also enjoy the benefits of your credit card without having to pay the renewal fee. On spending a pre-defined threshold limit in a year your renewal fee gets waived off on your credit card. Read the most important terms and conditions leaflet of a credit card that you wish to apply for to know more about the spend-based waiver benefits.
  7. Entertainment Benefits: Since most millennials are applying for a credit card seeing their needs, the SBI card covers the entertainment benefits as well. Under this, a credit cardholder gets discounts and offers on movies and dining.
  8. Other Benefits: Apart from the above benefits you also get other benefits like various modes of bill payments, netbanking services, add-on credit cards, customer support, etc. to make your experience more rewarding with an SBI credit card.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, as you can see that an SBI credit card has so much to offer. Getting an SBI credit card is worth the consideration and trust me you won’t be disappointed at all. Just adhere to the timely repayment cycles and maintain a low credit utilization ratio while using a credit card and you will be good to go.

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