Bookmyshow RBL PLAY Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

Bookmyshow RBL PLAY Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

RBL Bank has quietly launched the "PLAY by BookMyShow" Credit Card in partnership with BookMyShow. This move has caused confusion among customers, as RBL already had cards with similar features and benefits, such as the Fun+ Card and Blockbuster card. However, RBL has now stopped issuing these cards and instead introduced the RBL Popcorn Credit Card, which offers almost identical features and benefits. Let's take a closer look at the features, benefits, and experience of the RBL Play Credit Card.

RBL PLAY Credit CardRBL PLAY Credit Card

The fee structure for the RBL Play Credit Card is as follows:

Joining Fee:

  • INR 500+ GST (Waived if you are a BookMyShow Superstar during card approval)

Welcome Offer: 2 movie tickets up to INR 500 (2X250 each) at BookMyShow (applicable even for a BookMyShow Superstar with no joining fee). Additionally, 200 BMS cash will be given after card approval upon completing VKYC.

T&C: Activate and transact once with your PLAY credit card within 30 days of issuance. Valid for any among Movies/ Plays/ Events/ Sports/ Activities/ Stream and for a period of 90 days from Card activation. Convenience fee has to be paid.

Annual Fee:

  • INR 500+ GST

The annual fee will be waived if you continue to be a BookMyShow Superstar, or if you spend 1.5 Lacs per year.

According to BookMyShow, you become a Superstar by completing 10 bookings (using any card, not limited to the PLAY card) in the past 365 days, with a minimum transaction amount of INR 100 each time. Superstar status continues as long as you make 10 or more bookings in subsequent years.

The features and benefits of the RBL Play Credit Card include:

USP Benefit/ Monthly Offer:

Spend INR 5000+ in a billing cycle to get 2 free tickets (up to INR 500 discount) for Movies/ Plays/ Events/ Sports/ Activities/ Stream (up to INR 250 each).

The 2 free monthly ticket offer will be activated for the next month's billing cycle. These free tickets cannot be accumulated and must be used within the next billing cycle. The monthly offer should be used in a single transaction and requires a minimum booking of two tickets.

Other Benefits:

When you book F&B alongside movie tickets using this card and apply the 'PLAY Credit Card- F&B Offer', you will receive a discount of INR 100 once a month (only one offer can be applied). Unused quotas will be carried forward.

Note: This offer may not be useful if you already hold a Visa Infinite Credit/ Debit card that offers discounts on both tickets and F&B simultaneously (keep in mind that the Visa Infinite offer is quota-based and quickly gets exhausted).

Fuel surcharge is waived off up to INR 100 once a month for fuel transactions between INR 500 and 4000.

The welcome kit for the RBL Play Credit Card includes:

RBL play card Welcome KitRBL Play Card

There are some limitations to consider with the RBL Play Credit Card. Once you have spent INR 5000 in a billing cycle (the criteria for the two free tickets), the card does not offer any additional rewards. While it may seem like a 10% return on paper, other cards that offer Buy One Get One (B1G1) deals may provide a higher reward rate of around 5%. Additionally, it may not be possible to fully utilize the INR 250 per ticket every time, resulting in a reward rate of around 3.5-4%. However, the card is still useful for taking advantage of RBL merchant offers and getting the two free tickets every month.

In conclusion, the integration of the PLAY card into the BookMyShow app could be improved. While redeeming the monthly and welcome offers has been smooth, there should be a clearer indication of the active/inactive status of the monthly offer. It is also worth noting that if you already hold an RBL bank credit card, the limit will be shared between them, even if you were shown a different lower limit during card approval.


  • Credwise Rating: 2.5/5 (4.5/5 for BMS Superstar)

If you are a BookMyShow Superstar and are likely to maintain Superstar status, the PLAY card is a no-brainer. You will have the joining and annual fees waived, and you will also receive the welcome offer. Additionally, RBL offers monthly offers on various merchants such as Bigbasket, BB Daily, Amazon Fresh, and Flipkart Grocery. However, non-Superstar members may want to skip applying for this card, as the annual fee waiver criteria of 1.5 Lacs spend can be challenging if you already have high-reward-rate Super Premium cards in your wallet.

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