One credit card in a family: How to manage?

Most of the common middle class hasn’t adapted to the credit culture fearing the debt trap. But using digital payment platforms and cashless cards affects our psyche to seek something more profitable and effective. Here come the appealing rewards and benefits-bearing Credit cards to help us “Pay later”. As credit cards come with a price, let it be annual charges, joining fees, late payment fees, or the stress that comes with managing it, affording more than one card is not practical for most families in India. 

Then how do we make it work? Worry not! Credwise brings you the solution, “Sharing”. Share your card with your family using CREDWISE, and make the best of it. Sharing your card lets your family members use your card benefits without asking for card credentials or OTP, but also not without your permission. Here is a “how-to” guide for you.


Choose the right card:

Make sure to choose a card that will suit all the needs and interests of your family. There are multiple cards available that provide great rewards on utilities and bill payments, groceries, food delivery, movie tickets, and many more. Choosing a card that provides you rewards on categories that are useful to your family will assure your more rewards and cashback, hence, more savings.

The “Best Card” feature in Credwise lets you find a suitable credit card for you, from a bank of your choosing.


Add your card(s) on Credwise:

Credwise being the leading credit-sharing application in India provides you with a seamless platform. By simpling just adding your cards to the application, you will be able to see everything that your card has to offer. The reward categories, reward amount, cashback, complimentary facilities, offers and discounts, partner platforms, etc. This will give you an idea of how to manage your credit card spending; which categories to spend on and which categories to avoid.

Click here to Add your cards


Add your family members:

To share a credit card, your family members must be on Credwise. Adding your family members as your connections will let them see the benefits your card has to provide. The best part about the whole feature is that you decide how much your connections can spend. Your family members can send you a “purchase request” containing the details such as link, price, address, and name, in case of buying a product from any platform. By clicking on the link the details will be copied to your clipboard making it easy for you to complete the purchase.

Click here to Add your family members.





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