Multiple credit cards? Here is what you need to know!

Offers, cashback, reward points, pay later services ... Credit cards can be irresistible for the additional benefits and features they bring. Students, Employees, and entrepreneurs; credit cards appeal to everyone. As appealing as they sound, having multiple credit cards is not suitable for everyone. But if you wish to have another card, here is a guide.



Why should you?

  1. Better offers and benefits:-

We know that a single credit card can never have all the offers one wishes. So, having more than one card gives you a better range of rewards and offers, covering multiple spending categories and leading you to save more.

  1.  Better Credit score:-

When you use multiple credit cards for payments in different categories, your chances of meeting your credit requirements improve as you acquire more credits. But this is possible if you spend wisely and stick to a timely repayment schedule.

  1. Better Credit Utilization Ratio:-

Having multiple credit cards lets you have an increased credit limit. As your spending gets scattered among all your credit cards, the chances of exceeding your credit limit are way less. Which lets you have an improved credit utilization ratio. 

  1. Transfer your balance:-

When you have multiple credit cards, you can transfer outstanding debt from one credit card to another. This feature helps you save on interest charges.


Why not?

  1. Deadly debt trap:-

Increased credit card debt increases your chances of falling into a debt trap. Missing out on the repayment due dates will lead you to accumulate credit debt. 

  1. Inability to maintain your credit score:-

Careless use of your credit cards may lead to decreased credit scores and affect future credit card or personal loan applications. By Adding Your Friends and families as your connection on Credwise, you can share your cards and have a better credit score.

  1. Following and managing:-

Multiple credit cards; multiplied the benefits, rewards, and even the headaches of managing them, choosing a card for a spending category, paying your dues timely, and managing your credit score simultaneously, definitely, a lot of work for a single card, let alone multiple cards. 

But, Adding Your Cards on Credwise helps you get all the necessary information regarding your multiple cards in a single place.


Before getting multiple cards, you need to make a thorough analysis of your income, budget, expenditure, and affordability of the cards. Apart from these, your lifestyle, health, dependents, and many other variables come into play.

Credwise gets you a better alternative by letting you see your friends' cards and avail of their benefits and rewards; without paying any charges. Just send your connections a purchase request and get them to place an order using their cards. Read more here.


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