Key Benefits Of AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card

Key Benefits Of AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card

AU Bank is a private sector bank and it is known for serving low and average-income level individuals. Currently, the AU Bank issues 4 credit cards in total to the customers ranging from entry-level to premium credit cards namely, AU Small Finance Bank Altura Plus credit card, AU Small Finance Bank Altura credit card, AU Bank Zenith Credit Card, and AU Bank Vetta credit card.

You can vouch for one credit card after analyzing your spending habits. Compare these credit cards online to know which one is a perfect match for your profile and helps you earn rewards and benefits. Each credit card may have its own features and benefits, but the main features that every credit card is known for are as follows:

  • Welcome Benefits: On payment of the membership fee the credit cardholders are given the welcome benefits. These can differ from credit card to credit card. Under the welcome benefits, you get bonus reward points, complimentary movie tickets, vouchers, subscriptions, or memberships.
  • Rewards: Every credit card has its own rewards program. If one credit card lets you earn reward points on all spend categories, then there are credit cards that let you earn reward points on selected spend categories only. The same is with the AU Bank credit cards, you get different rewards programs on different credit cards and they are rewarding as well.
  • Travel Benefits: All the AU Bank credit cards provide you with travel benefits. You get to enjoy the complimentary domestic and lounge access on these credit cards. However, not all 4 credit cards provide both domestic and international lounge access, the AU Small Finance Bank Altura Plus credit card and AU Small Finance Bank Altura credit card let you enjoy the domestic lounge access only.
  • Movie & Dining Benefits: Some of the AU Bank credit cards offer exciting discounts and deals on the movies and dining categories as well. Those who spend a lot on these two categories can enjoy these benefits and save money on these transactions as well.
  • Other Benefits: In other benefits, the AU Bank credit cardholder also gets to enjoy the 1% fuel surcharge waiver, add-on credit cards, insurance covers, zero liability protection against lost credit cards, credit card offers, etc. These are incorporated to make your experience more rewarding and help you build a good-standing account.

Bottom Line:

With a parting thought, we can say that AU Bank offers quite rewarding credit cards to its customers. AU Bank Zenith credit card is the premium credit card in the whole lot and you can vouch for this credit card at Rs. 7,999 whereas for the first time credit card appliers AU Small Finance Bank Altura Plus credit card and AU Small Finance Bank Altura credit card can be the best options as they are the most affordable ones and are considered to be entry-level credit cards. You can also vouch for the AU Bank Vetta credit card at Rs. 2,999 as this one is also a good option to go for.

No matter which credit card you choose just remember to keep your credit card dues clear and maintain a low credit utilization ratio in order to build a good credit score.

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