Karur Vysya Bank ( KVB ) Credit Card Limit

Karur Vysya Bank ( KVB ) Credit Card Limit

The credit limit on KVB credit cards varies depending on the specific card. The bank determines the credit limit by reviewing the individual's income status and credit history. If desired, customers can request an increase or decrease in their credit limit at any time. Read on to learn how to increase your Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card limit and the necessary documents for submitting a request.

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How to Increase the Credit Limit of the Karur Vysya Bank Credit Card?

Customers have two options for requesting an increase in their credit card limit:

1. By Phone Banking

KVB Bank offers customer care support services for submitting queries. Customers can call the 24-hour helpline numbers 1860-258-1916/1800-419-6500 to inquire about increasing the credit limit on their KVB Credit Card. By speaking with a customer care executive, customers can request a credit card limit increase and receive information about the required documents for eligibility verification. The executive will guide customers through the complete procedure for obtaining a credit limit increase.

2. By Visiting the Branch

Customers can also visit the nearest Karur Vysya Bank branch to request a credit limit enhancement. When visiting the branch, customers should bring the necessary documents. After submitting the credit limit enhancement request with the documents, the bank will process the request. The bank will only increase the credit limit if the customer's income statement is satisfactory and there is no history of defaulting on credit card bill payments.

Documents Required for Credit Limit Increase

Customers must provide certain documents to the bank when submitting a credit limit enhancement request. The bank will assess the request based on the submitted documents to determine if the customer can handle a higher credit limit. The following documents must be submitted either through mail in soft copy or by submitting hard copies at the nearest KVB bank branch:

  • Salary Slips of the Last Two Months
  • Bank Statement
  • Income Tax Returns

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