IndusInd Pioneer Banking Upgrade

IndusInd Pioneer Banking Upgrade

IndusInd Pioneer Banking

I’ve been thinking to upgrade my IndusInd Exclusive A/c to Pioneer Banking for a while to explore the pioneer credit and debit cards, just for the design (yeah, silly!), nothing much on rewards front, yet they’re decent. 

If you’re wondering about the rewards, pioneer debit card gives 0.5% return on spend and pioneer legacy gives 1% on weekdays, 2% on weekends and if you can spend 6L annually, your reward rate will increase by extra 1%. 

So sometime during late Nov 2021 I got a call from IndusInd about complimentary invite to Pioneer banking. I accepted the same over call and they took a request for upgrade right away. 

IndusInd usually picks new set of accounts every month for pioneer upgrade and if eligible you’ll get a call from RM or someone from Mumbai team (as in my case). 

So I got the upgrade request ticket alert the same day, the welcome kit dispatch alert in 2 days and I got the welcome kit (with Pioneer debit card & cheque book) delivered within a week. It was all smooth and perfectly done.

And not to mention, I was indeed super surprised to see a Visa Infinite debit card. As pioneer was launched on MasterCard platform, its obvious that they would issue a visa variant now. So I was expecting it to be on Signature platform but quite surprised to see it on Infinite.

The debit card design is simple & beautiful with numbers at the back. The edges of the card are golden (seen from side). Also the logo and certain parts of the card shines in different colours when exposed to light. Some snaps below:

IndusInd Pioneer Debit cardIndusInd Pioneer Debit CardIndusInd Pioneer debit card golden edgesIndusInd Pioneer Debit card with Golden Edges

I quickly checked if I can get the Pioneer Legacy Credit Card, but unfortunately it seems they’re yet to go live on Visa.

Final Thoughts

Overall, from what I see, IndusInd Pioneer banking concept is pretty good and is infact better than HDFC Imperia in certain cases, for ex, no markup fee, better debit card benefits, better debit card rewards, etc.

Have you received upgrade to IndusInd Pioneer lately? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below

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