IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card

IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card

IndusInd Bank offers a number of credit cards, one of which is the IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card. This Super Premium Credit Card provides a generous amount of cash back and rewards. If you are a frequent spender, this card is a must-have. The more you spend, the more you will be rewarded.

Joining Fee
IndusInd Bank charges a joining fee ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh plus taxes for this card. It is unclear why they charge different fees to different customers for the same card with the same benefits. Unfortunately, there is no way to have this joining fee waived, regardless of your loyalty or tenure as a customer. However, there is no annual fee for this card, which is a plus point.

Welcome Gift
Upon payment, you can choose a welcome gift from options such as Jet Airways Flight Tickets, Oberoi Hotel bookings, and Genesis Luxury Vouchers.

Reward Points

  • You earn 2.5 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent online (Rs.2.5 for every Rs.100).
  • You earn 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent at the point of sale (Rs.1 for every Rs.100).
  • You can redeem these points for IndusMoments, JP Miles, Oberoi Hotel Vouchers, and Genesis Luxury Vouchers.
  • Unlike many other credit cards, you can also convert these points into cash.


Airport Lounge Access

  • Enjoy access to over 600 international lounges worldwide (one complimentary visit per quarter).
  • Enroll in the Travel Plus program and receive 8 complimentary lounge visits for Rs.5,000.

If you value airport lounge access, this card may not be worth it for you. You may want to explore other options.

Concierge Services

Pinnacle offers a 24-hour concierge service that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you need assistance with hotel reservations, flight bookings, sports bookings, pre-trip assistance, or sending flowers to someone special, a simple phone call is all it takes.

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy a buy 1 get 1 offer on movie tickets three times a month when booked on BookMyShow (maximum price of movie ticket - Rs.200).
  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver when you purchase fuel worth Rs.400 to Rs.4,000 (maximum Rs.200 per month).
  • Receive up to 4 golf visits per month at partnered golf courses in India.


  • If you prefer to pay only the minimum amount and roll over your credit every month, this card is not ideal due to its high interest rate.
  • The joining fee for this card is quite high compared to other cards that offer similar benefits but with lower joining fees.
  • This card is only worth it for individuals who can spend a minimum of Rs.20 Lakhs or more per year to fully enjoy the benefits.

All in all, the IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card is a great option if you can spend around Rs.20 Lakhs to Rs.50 Lakhs per year. It is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy shopping for luxury products online. With no annual fee, it is definitely worth considering. However, if you do not spend this much but still want the benefits of a credit card, you may want to explore other options.

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