How to Close or Cancel the RBL Credit Card? Online & Offline Methods

How to Close or Cancel the RBL Credit Card? Online & Offline Methods

RBL Bank is a very popular name in the banking sector. It is a private sector bank providing banking solutions to retail customers, corporate customers, NRI customers, insurance, credit cards, investment, and much more. The bank offers many types of credit cards to its customers based on their eligibility and their needs. These credit cards are issued to salaried and self-employed persons or corporate cards where the representative of the company is authorized to spend on behalf of the organization and charge it to the company account.

These credit cards issued by the bank can be closed by the cardholder at any point. The reason for such closure of credit cards can be any reason like non-usage of the credit card, high annual fees, etc.

The process for the closure of RBL credit cards is detailed below.

Ways to close/cancel the RBL Bank credit card

There are many ways to close the credit cards of RBL Bank. These modes are broadly categorized as online modes or offline modes and can be availed by all customers seeking to close their RBL credit cards. The process for the same is detailed below.

Through Email

The applicants can send an email to RBL Bank to close their credit cards. The email id for sending the mail is,

Cardholders will have to provide basic details in the email for the closure of credit cards. These details include,

  • Name of the cardholder
  • Card number
  • Date of birth
  • Expiry date

Through visiting the nearest branch

Another easier way to close the RBL credit card is through the branch of the bank. Cardholders can directly visit the nearest branch of the bank and apply for the closure of credit cards. The cardholder will have to provide the basic details mentioned above along with identity proof. The cardholder will have to cut the credit card diagonally to ensure that the magnetic strip on the card is cut properly to avoid any possibility of misuse of the card.

Through Customer Care

The customer care of the bank is another way for the cardholder to close the credit card. The helpline number of the bank for credit card queries or closure of credit card are,

  • +91 22 7119 0900 (for SuperCard)
  • +91 22 6232 7777 (for other credit cards)

Consequences of closing the credit card

The credit score of the cardholder is directly impacted due to the closure of a credit card. The credit utilization ratio of the cardholder increases upon closure of the credit card as the total credit limit of the cardholder reduces. The cardholder can avoid this by reducing his/her expenses and thereby maintaining the credit utilization ratio. When the cardholder cancels the only available credit card, there is a sudden stop to the credit history of the cardholder which will drive an adverse effect on the credit score of the cardholder. This may gradually result in the credit score of the cardholder becoming invalid.

How to redeem points before closing the RBL Credit Card?

Cardholders are advised to redeem their reward points before closing their RBL credit cards. After closing the credit card, the cardholder will lose all claims on the reward points and cannot redeem them in any way. The steps to redeem the reward points before closing the credit cards are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to login to the website of RBL bank for rewards points ( using the user name and password of the cardholder.
  • After that, the cardholder will have to select the category from which he/she wants to redeem the points and then the number of points to be redeemed for each category.
  • The cardholder will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number to authenticate the request to redeem the reward points.
  • After submitting the OTP, the cardholder will have to make the payment for the reward product chosen to complete the process of redeeming the reward points.
  • In case the reward points to be redeemed are short of the value of the product chosen, the cardholder can use the RBL credit card to complete the transaction.


RBL credit cards can be easily closed by the cardholders at their discretion. However, such closure can have an impact on the credit score of the cardholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Points to remember before the closure of RBL credit cards?
There are certain points that the customer has to remember before closing the RBL credit card. Some of these points are mentioned below.

  • Clearing all the pending credit card dues
  • Closing any automated credit card payments from the bank account of the cardholder
  • Redeeming the reward points if any available on the credit card.

Is it necessary to cut the credit card diagonally while closing the credit card?
Yes. It is essential to cut the credit card diagonally while closing the credit card to ensure that the card is not misused post-cancellation or closure of credit card.

Does the cardholder need to have an account with the bank for an RBL credit card?
No.It is not mandatory to have an RBL Bank account for RBL credit cards.

Can the credit card of the cardholder be canceled by the bank without any request from the cardholder?
Yes. The bank in some cases can close the credit card of the cardholder in certain cases. Some of these cases are,

  • Persistent non-payment of credit card dues
  • Consistent inactivity of the card for a long period of time

Can a person redeem the points on a card before closing the same?
Yes. The cardholder can redeem the points on the credit card before closing the same.

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