HDFC Smartbuy Rewards Program changes from 1st Feb 2022

HDFC Smartbuy Rewards Program changes from 1st Feb 2022

HDFC Smartbuy 10X Program has gone through a re-structuring plan which gives a lot of bad news and some good news as well. Here’s a quick look at the important changes of the offer. If you’re looking for the detailed t&c, do check out the updated smartbuy t&c page.

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Diners Black is hit

new Rewards HDFC Smartbuy

  • Amazon Spends: 3x
  • Insta Voucher: 3X

Above are the important changes that might affect you, among few others like for flights its now 5X for both infinia and diners black.

Overall, the changes are expected and I think most existing users will be okay with it. Only the new comers might feel the pain.

Per Day Capping

HDFC Smartbuy Daily Capping

The worst move of all is here: Daily capping on bonus points. And not to forget the rule: “A day is considered as a settlement date”.

Which means, its better to give a gap of 2 days or at-least 1 day between the txns to be on safer side.

With this rule in place, HDFC super premium cardholders may soon go on for shopping with other cards, like Axis Magnus.

Note that this capping applies only to the bonus rewards and not to the regular rewards earned!

Premium Cards back on Rewards

Regalia and Diners Privilege card holders have some good news here. HDFC has been running these cards on 5% cashback all these time but now they’re lifting them as well to 3X/5X/10X rewards.

New comers, You may see the premium cards at 5X where Diners black only gives 3X. This of-course doesn’t mean 5X is better, because “X” is higher on Diners black. Do go through respective card reviews to get the picture.

That said, this change is certainly good for “some” of these premium credit card holders, as long as they redeem the points for travel. For those looking for vanilla cash-back, I’m sorry, this too is a bad news for you!

My Thoughts

Given that the program is running for so many years most changes we see here are expected and its OKAY, except ONE.

The ONE major problem that I personally see with this change is the max cap per day. Generally “any restriction” is put in such a way that the gamers are controlled but in this case it affects legit users. 

For ex, I don’t usually max out the monthly caps since past 2 yrs or so but if I do, I may do it once a year and if I look further, that’s because of a high value purchase like a mobile/laptop.

But with the max cap per day, I would loose a lot on that as I can’t break an iPhone purchase into two. And with this rule in place, even if HDFC runs the Smartbuy sale it would be almost USELESS.

Pretty bad move of all time I would say. I wish HDFC revokes this daily cap before its too late!

While that’s my point of view, what do you think about the new changes to HDFC Smartbuy Program? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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