HDFC Bank gives Lifetime Free Infinia & Diners Black Upgrades

HDFC Bank gives Lifetime Free Infinia & Diners Black Upgrades

HDFC Infinia and Diners Black credit cards

HDFC Bank just started the new year on a high note. As you might know, HDFC Bank has been very aggressive in giving generous Limit enhancement offers during Covid-19. They’ve done it twice already in last one year. 

And now they’re taking one more aggressive step and upgrading many cardmembers to Infinia and Diners Black, as LIFETIME FREE, as reported by many readers. This is a pre-approved offer decided by the bank based on various parameters.

What’s happening?

Generally speaking, anyone with a higher credit limit usually gets auto eligible for Super Premium cards like HDFC Infinia (~8L) or Diners Black (~5L).

As many were getting the limit enhancements recently, its obvious that they start to fall into higher limits as above. So these upgrades are naturally happening.

Apart from the limit, it also seems that they made it “relatively liberal” on deciding to whom to give these cards, especially the Infinia.

Additionally, these cards are issued as Lifetime Free variant as per the pre-approved offer. That’s right! Lifetime Free Super Premium Credit Card.

Should you get them?


If you’re new the HDFC super premium cards, you should check out the HDFC 10X Rewards program which is perhaps the best ever offer on the planet earth.

Hence, it makes sense to grab the LTF offer when offered, as they come with massive value. Do check out the detailed reviews of them in above links, if not already.

Over 20+ readers have reported about it so far and I’m sure many more would have got as well. So do check the net-banking if you’re eligible for the same.

If you are new to all these, login to HDFC net banking and check out: Cards > Request > Credit card Upgrade/Limit Enhancement to see if you’re eligible for credit limit enhancement or upgrade or both.

Is it really Lifetime Free?

Before answering that, do know that generally no card is actually Lifetime Free as we know The Truth about Lifetime Free Credit Card. But in the HDFC context for super premium cards, its definitely worth going for it.

So if you’re wondering whether its FYF or LTF due to the footnotes on the HDFC upgrade page, you may call RM or customer care and get the confirmation from them before proceeding.

Note: Over 50+ readers already checked and got the confirmation that its indeed a LTF offer. If any executive says otherwise, hang-up and call again 🙂


Note that this is offered only to existing HDFC credit cardholders and not for new customers, as the ban by RBI for card issuance to new customers is still not revoked. 

Its obvious that HDFC is on track to make the most out of the existing cardholders. But issuing super premium cards as LTF in this scale is just MIND BLOWING.

While that all sounds good, its usually a signal for devaluation. But at the same time, the good news is, if that happens we may expect some new credit cards positioned on top of these cards. So I hope there is nothing to worry, at-least for now!!

Did you receive the limit enhancement or upgrade offer? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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