The Art of handling American Express India with their inconsistent responses

The Art of handling American Express India with their inconsistent responses

amex supplementary card offer - September 2020

As you might know, there were a lot of confusion recently on whether this 2-day Reward Multiplier promo is eligible on eVoucher purchases or not.

I made multiple calls to cross-verify the same and updated the article accordingly on 25th July. But then, for some reason customer support seem to have given different responses to different cardholders and created a panic situation.

Poor handling by Amex India!

It’s quite important to have consistent answer on things like this, as many were spending high 5 digit purchases relying on this promo.

Finally Amex re-confirmed that eVouchers are indeed eligible for bonus points.

That’s good to know!

Shielding future conversations

But things like this may happen again in different form and you “can’t always rely on public info” especially when you deal with a higher value txn.

So what would you then? Simple, here’s what I usually follow and I hope it helps many.

  1. Call Amex phone line and get your confirmation. Hang-up and call again until you hear the info you want to hear.
  2. Ask the executive to add that as a “note” on your account.
  3. Ask the executive to email you the “reference number” for that conversation.
  4. You should get that email in ~10 mins.

Sit back & relax as you now have a proof of what you were promised. If you don’t get the promised benefit, you can always share this ref. number to get what you need.

I started following this ever since American Express went unreliable with their health insurance product. Once, they were not even able to track their so called “recorded” calls. So above tracking method is quite useful in such cases.

Note: You can also use chat option but that may not serve as a solid proof for various reasons.

Final Thoughts

Ideally American Express support is one of the best in the country and these kind of tracking is usually not required as most of their promos are super simple and easy to understand with limited T&C.

However, just incase if you rely on an offer or benefit that deals in high value, it’s safe to follow above to make sure you’re safe and to sleep with a peace of mind.

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