Credwise; Find solutions to Credit-related Complications

What is Credwise:-

Credwise as a platform eases credit sharing for you and lets you explore various card offers across your added and trusted community

Why Credwise:-

  1. Due to the unavailability of the desired bank credit cards, Do you often miss out on great deals on your purchases? Well with Credwise, you can see which friend of yours has the chosen card from a particular bank and you can request in-app, or through WhatsApp for making the purchase for you.
  2. A single credit card in your family, but do you want to share it? Well, let your family have the benefits of your cards through Credwise and maximize savings.
  3. Are you short on cash yet can’t afford to miss an amazing offer? Credwise lets you request your friend to buy for you, and the best part is, you can keep track of how much you owe your connections individually!


How to use Credwise?

  1. You can start by downloading the application from here.
  2. Enter your details to create your profile and let your contacts find you on Credwise.
  3. Adding your contacts, friends, and family to make a connection on Credwise. You can see the cards your connections have and their limits and other benefits. 
  4. Add your cards and ask your connection to add their cards. Adding cards will let your connections see your available cards and their limits and benefits.
  5. Whenever necessary open the app and browse for desired cards among your connections under ‘Friends’.
  6. If you’re unsure about the availability then you can request your connections with the product link, price, and bank details, through WhatsApp or Credwise itself.
  7. Through Credwise you can track the exchange among your connections and even settle your balances.
  8. Apart from all these features, Credwise lets you track your transactions and expenses across all UPI platforms.


Navigating Credwise:-

Home Page-

  1. In the top left corner, you can find a circle with your profile Picture. Tapping here will lead you to your Profile.
  2. In the top right corner, you can find the ‘refer & earn’ button. You can tap here to invite your contacts to be your connection and once registration is successfully verified you win cash rewards.
  3. In the Top segment, you can also find data regarding your ‘requested’, ‘lent’, and ‘savings’ amount.
  4. The ‘Top Features’ banner will show you Top deals from our partner brands and Top features from Credwise.
  5. Willing to request a connection for making a purchase? Tap on the ‘Request’ button.
  6. Credwise lets you find the best available price for your desired product, including cashback, bank offers, and vouchers. Tap on the ‘Best Price’ button and enter the product link.
  7. Willing to get a new credit card? Let Credwise help you. By tapping on the ‘Best Card’ button, and entering the preferred bank, you can explore all the cards with their benefits, limits, and charges.
  8. With Credwise, you can unveil the maximum benefits your card has, let it be a credit or debit card. Tap on the ‘Benefits’ button to know more.
  9. Swiping down the page will lead you to amazing Sales and Offers running across all leading platforms and brands.
  10. The bottom panel of the page has 5 icons named, ‘Home’, ‘Friends’, ‘Request’, ‘cards’, and ‘Notification’, which let you navigate across all 5 pages from anywhere in the app.

‘Friends’ page-

  1. This page lets you find all your existing connections, alphabetically. Swipe across the page and tap on the desired connection to make a purchase request.
  2. By tapping on a connection, you can explore the cards your connection has and their benefits and other features. This page also lets you know the status of your exchanges and provides you with the option to settle.
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