One-on-one Credit Card Consultation [Paid]

One-on-one Credit Card Consultation [Paid]

credit card consultation

100’s of articles, 1000’s of comments and still unable to find a satisfying answer to your burning queries about living a life out of credit card rewards?

You’ve landed at the right place!

That’s right, I’m re-opening the one-on-one credit card consultation service almost after ~2 years.

You can talk to me directly over the phone (or Zoom if you wish) and get all your queries answered in matter of minutes.

Table of Contents

What I know

I’ve been using credit cards across multiple issuers for over 10 years – with annual fee of cards ranging from Rs.0 (life time free) to Rs.70,000 (expensive metal’s) like Amex Platinum and Axis Reserve.

At any point in time I hold 10+ credit cards in my wallet and I make sure all my spends are giving me sufficient rewards to fund my travels and bit more.

Note: This doesn’t mean you need to hold 10 cards too. Beyond 5 cards is usually a matter of choice.

So all these gives me sufficient experience to answer the queries that you may have. I try my best to optimize my annual spends to fetch me at-least 10% return and that’s what you may expect for your profile as well.

What can you ask?

You can ask me anything that runs on your mind about credit cards and the relevant topics. Here are some:

  • How to fly for FREE
  • How to stay at luxury hotels for FREE
  • Impact of applying/holding multiple Credit cards
  • End-to-end credit card application support with select CC issuers
  • and a lot more

Ideally, you can expect a simple strategy from me which you can put in action so that you can enjoy a complimentary vacation on points, or whatever your need maybe for that matter.

I may not be an expert at knowing “everything” in the industry but I’m happy to know little that helps me live a life on credit card rewards with a peace of mind.

I prefer to have simple strategy to earn rewards and so your query too will be answered in the same line of thought.

Speaking of which, you need to know that I’m not a “road warrior“ who does 100’s of nights in hotels. So I won’t ask you to stay half of your life in hotels to enjoy the perks I do.

The Fee


Single Call


One time support

Best for anyone with spends >15L

Call time: ~45 mins

Follow up: Yes (via email)

Valid for: 2 Months

Book now


Multiple Calls


I'm Your Concierge

Best for HNI's with Spends >30L

Call time: ~45 mins * 5

Follow up: Yes (call, email, chat)

Valid for: 1 Year

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Choosing the plan

Note: Spends mentioned above are annual credit card spends.

# Professional Plan: If your credit card spends are >15 Lakhs a year, you may choose the professional plan. This is good if you just need a quick strategy to get most out of your credit card spends.

Ideally, you can save over 1.5 Lakhs (as travel benefits) on 10L annual spend and you pay only 9,999 INR as consultation fee.

# VIP Plan: If your spends are >30 Lakhs a year, be it personal (or) business spends, this is for you. I’ll be available for you anytime of the year over call/chat/email to answer your query. You can consider me as your credit card concierge.

Ideally, you can save over 3 Lakhs (as travel benefits) on 30L annual spend and you pay only 19,999 INR as consultation fee.

So, now if you ask me which one to choose, I would suggest VIP whenever possible. Because, looking at my previous conversations with wonderful people all over the country, I see that a longer call is inevitable on the topic.

*** Update *** All VIP Plan subscribers (bought at current rate) will now get access to an expert (one or more) who has done over 50+ international award seat redemptions for self & others.

You get one complimentary session (~45 mins) and chat support until you do your first redemption. Then on, additional charges maybe applicable depending on how much time is spent on your queries.

How the booking works? Once booked, You may ideally expect a callback to the registered mobile number within 3-5 days. If you think the call is getting delayed or if you’re in an urgency, please drop me a line here so that I’ll make sure you’re on priority.


1. I have read all your articles, will this consultation still be useful to me?

It depends. You’ve already read 90% of the content and you should be an expert by now. But if you think you’re missing out on something, I would be happy to answer in comments as well. Please drop your comments under respective articles.

2. I spend 5L a year on cards, can you optimize my returns?

At this spend level, best credit cards article is sufficient to give what you need. This consultation is mostly suited for those who have (or plan to have) annual spends >10 Lakhs.

3. Do you guarantee on getting me a super premium credit card?

The consultation gives you ways and means to get the card you desire – be it Infinia or Centurion. My suggestions have worked for over 99% of whom I’ve spoken to. However, it’s not guaranteed, as it depends on the individual’s profile.

4. Can I follow up later if required?

Certainly. Want to learn about Finance, Investing, and much more!, Checkout our partner blogs.