Axis Bank Credit Card System Upgrade: Improvements & Issues

Axis Bank Credit Card System Upgrade: Improvements & Issues

Axis Bank Credit Cards - times design

New Interface

Axis Bank has introduced a new interface for managing credit cards, which has been available since May 2021. This new interface is sleek, simple, and user-friendly. It features a unique design for each card, adding a nice touch to the overall experience. However, there is a small inconvenience as making payments redirects users to the old interface. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.

Axis Bank Credit Card new tiles design

Overall, the new interface is a welcome change and we can expect additional features to be added in the future.

New Application system

Axis Bank has also introduced a new application system for credit cards. Existing Axis cardholders can now apply for a new Axis Myzone credit card, which offers a 40% discount on Swiggy. The card is instantly generated and added to the online card account upon request. The delivery of the card takes approximately 5 days. However, there have been some issues with the application system not being properly synced with the old system, resulting in failed requests. It is advised to not give up if the request fails and to try again. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved soon.

Axis Myzone Credit CardAxis Myzone Credit Card (New Design)

For new primary credit card applications, there have been some issues as well. In one instance, the application was instantly approved but later rejected due to the applicant having an add-on card with someone else. After canceling the add-on card and reapplying, the application was put on hold and required additional forms to be submitted for the removal of the add-on card. These issues highlight the need for improvement in Axis Bank's add-on card application system, which is known to be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Despite these issues, Axis Bank's new interface and application system show promise. It is hoped that the bank will address the existing glitches and provide a smoother experience for its credit card users.

Final thoughts

In addition to fixing the application issues, it would be beneficial for Axis Bank to improve its add-on card application system. Taking inspiration from HDFC, where add-on card applications can be completed in one click and cards are delivered within 3 days, Axis Bank should strive to streamline its add-on card process. Furthermore, addressing technical glitches, such as incorrect credit limits and the lack of credit limit increases, would greatly enhance the overall customer experience. It is unfortunate that the relationship managers at Axis Bank branches have limited authority when it comes to credit card operations, rendering the Axis Priority Account less useful in recent times.

How has your experience been with Axis Bank's credit card system? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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