Now e-Vouchers available on Amex Reward Multiplier

Now e-Vouchers available on Amex Reward Multiplier

Amex Reward Multiplier: Upto 5X points on e-Vouchers

American Express has recently added e-Vouchers to their Reward Multiplier system that let’s you earn additional rewards when you shop with select merchants via Amex link.

This e-Voucher portal is run by Gyftr – the same brand that runs the e-Vocuhers portal for HDFC 10X Rewards and other banks. However, interestingly Amex page has additional voucher options and with better user experience.

  • For ex, I could find Zomato & Swiggy vouchers on Amex Reward Multiplier while it’s not there on HDFC Smartbuy (Update: now Swiggy vouchers available with HDFC).

That aside, Amex Gold charge card is now moved to 5X category from 3X which is a great news for some. Check out the savings section for more info.

I just wish someday Amex moves platinum charge from 5X to 10X category, which would become a wonderful value proposition for metal cards.

Final Thoughts

eVouchers are great to have on accelerated rewards portal. This is certainly a huge advantage for many as almost everything under the sky is now 5% cheaper for you. Hope they don’t add any restrictions anytime soon to your favourite voucher brand 😉

What’s your thoughts on the Amex Reward Multiplier eVouchers portal? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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