AmEx Plat Offer: Get 5000 Bonus Points on fuel spends

AmEx Plat Offer: Get 5000 Bonus Points on fuel spends

amex platinum fuel offer

American Express Platinum Charge card is a rewarding metal in many aspects and now adding to that your Fuel spends are set to get better returns. Earlier Plat charge was fetching 1 MR Points/Rs.100 spend and now it has been changed to 5 MR. Here are all the details:

Offer Details

Offer 4 Bonus MR Points per Rs.100 on Fuel Spends
Max. Cap. 5000 Bonus points / calendar month
Return on Spend 1.25% to ~2.5%
Fulfilment 90 days from date of txn

Amex Platinum Rewards on Fuel spends

Above offer appears to be a “card feature” going forward and not a temporary offer. However, expect a revision every year or so as “fuel” field itself is very much volatile.

This benefit lets you do effective spend of Rs.1.25L (a month) to hit the max. cap on bonus points.

That said, remember that you maybe charged a convenience fee if you’re using it on any fuel station other than HPCL and the charges are as below:

  • HPCL – Free (upto 5000 INR)
  • IOCL/BPCL – 1% + GST (upto 5000 INR)
  • Others – 2%+GST

Remember that HPCL too charges 1% fee beyond 5K INR (per txn) but as most of us don’t do that in a “single txn”, it maybe ignored.

Botton line

Its good to see decent amount of reward points on fuel spends too and I’m sure this would motivate many to use Amex Plat for fuel.

Even without the offer, I used to use Amex cards on HPCL for fuel spends, not for the rewards or benefits, but because of convenience and “NIL charges” and peace of mind, as I prefer not to focus on optimizing small spends and I believe no one should do either.

So that said, this benefit is quite a surprise & rewarding one.

What cards do you actually use for fuel, apart from those for Wallet loads? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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